Why You Need MasterMatch Gel in Your Salon

One of the most commonly requested nail services today is a gel manicure. It's virtually chip-free, lasts up to 14 days, and there's zero drying time required. However, a common issue in the salon is when a client wants gel on their hands but conventional polish on their toes and wants to find the perfect color match. When mixing brands and products it can be incredibly hard to find a close match, much less an exact one. You may spend a ton of time searching through your colors and once applied, they don’t look similar at all and your client leaves unhappy. 

It's a Perfect Match!

That’s why at SNS we’ve created the perfect solution to solve this problem. SNS MasterMatch 2-in-1 Gel & Polish Combo has been created to provide matching products across two popular product lines, SNS GelStar, our famous gel polish, and the SNS Nail Lacquers, our conventional polishes. With nearly 300 colors to choose from, MasterMatch provides endless options of rich, vibrant colors with a guaranteed 98% match for perfectly matched fingers and toes. 


The Healthiest Gel

Formulated with vitamin E and calcium to nourish the nail bed, the SNS GelStar line stands apart from other gels, not only providing beautiful manicures, but the nails become stronger and healthier with each and every application. It's also "10 Free" so it doesn't contain any harsh or toxic ingredients that you commonly find in other nail products. 

Use SNS GelStar with our safer, and newly upgrades SNS Hybrid LED/UV lamp for the healthiest gel treatment on the market. 


Perfect Match for SNS Dip Powder

While the nail lacquers are sold in combination with the GelStar products, the SNS nail lacquers also provide an equal match to our extensive range of dip powders allowing your customers to have the freedom to choose their manicure type and still receive a perfect match on their toes too!

As a salon owner or nail tech, you can order these duo sets directly from SNS at discounted pricing.