SNS's Ingredients Explained: Our Commitment to Healthy, Beautiful Nails

Reading the ingredient list on your products and cosmetics can seem complicated and many of us may not actually know what those words even mean. Unfortunately, many of the nail products you have at home may contain harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals that can cause an array of health issues, especially with prolonged use. That's why it's so important you know what's in your products and what you're actually putting on your body. The good news is, SNS believes health is as equally important as beauty, and our mission has led us to create an innovative dip powder system, SNS Nutri-Plus™, which makes nails not only beautiful but stronger and healthier with each and every application.


Healthy Vitamins & Nutrients We Put In

The SNS dip powder system, designed for optimum nail health includes powder, bases, and sealers containing carefully selected ingredients that are known to nourish the nail bed and promote healthy growth and resilience.

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