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Dip Essentials

For your at home SNS dip powder experience, you need the right bases and sealers. These are all provided in your SNS Dip Powder Nail Kit, and you can also buy individual supplies as needed. The SNS Dip Base Coat is applied first: this binds the dip powder to your nails. Once the powder is added, the SNS Dip Activator seals and hardens the powder, to ensure long-lasting, chip-resistant use. The SNS Dip Top Coat further protects your nails’ beautiful new look and gives the color you’ve chosen its brilliant finish. In additional to these dip essentials, you’ll find your SNS Dip Powder Nail Kit includes a Brush Cleaner, because it’s important to clean your brushes between each application. A very special addition is the SNS Signature Serum. This gives a final touch to your dip powder application: it feeds your nails with essential vitamins to support good nail growth and protects the health of the nail bed. From dip bases to the vitamin infused nail serum, you can purchase everything needed for your DIY dip manicure here at the SNS online store.