Finding the Perfect Nude Polish

One of the most fun parts of getting your nails done is choosing the color. From bolds and brights to pastels and glitters, theirs always a shade to suit or style or mood, and the options are endless. However, at SNS, we think nude is one of the most underrated colorways when it comes to your nails. It literally matches any outfit, camouflages chips impeccably, can elongate your fingers, and will never go out of style. 


However, finding the perfect nude can be easier said than done. A nude that looks good on your BFF may not look great on you. The right shade of nude all has to do with your skin tone. For a flawless nude mani, it’s important to first figure out your skin tone first. Everyone typically falls into a range of fair, light, medium, olive, tan, brown, or deep with either warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Once you figure out your skin tone and undertones, it’s best to choose a shade of nude a shade or two lighter or darker than your skin for a flawless match. Add a little glitter for a touch of sass.


If you’re looking to find the perfect nude just for you, here we’ll share our expert tips for finding the right nude for you as well as a curated list of SNS nudes based on your skin tone.



If you have fair skin, you may have red or blonde hair with light eyes and you may burn easily in the sun. Those with fair skin tend to have cooler undertones in their skin so it’s best to choose a pale shade of nude with cool pink undertones. Try NC04 Brittany, NC06 Grace, or SY11 Are You Ready.

                                    NC04                                                                             NC06                                                                        SY11                                                                                         



Light skin tends to have more yellow or beige undertones than those who have fair skin and tend to tan slightly easier in the sun but still has a tendency to burn. Opt for a slightly warmer shade of a pale nude with warmer undertones. Try GC160 Class Reunion, NOS23 Innocent Glance, or GC351 Cupid's Arrow.

                                 GC160                                                                            NOS23                                                                           GC351                                                                                         



Medium skin tones are slightly darker with cool, warm, or neutral undertones. Medium skin tends to be the most versatile and many shades of nude can work. If you have medium skin and are unsure of your undertones, check the veins on your wrist. Those with blue or purple tones to their veins tend to be on the cooler side while those with green veins have warmer undertones. Try SL03 Scintillating Silk, NOS18 Birthday Suite, or NC19 Bad Kitty.


                                    SL03                                                                             NOS18                                                                  NC19                                                                                        



Olive skin is similar to medium working with a wide range of nude shades but tends to have warm or golden undertones. Those with olive skin tend to tan easily and rarely burn. Because of the warmer undertones in olive skin, those with this skin tone look good in a nude polish with gold or peach undertones which can really compliment your complexion and make your mani pop. Try SL16 Isle of View, NOS01 Fake Bake, or GC342 Cookie Batter

                                    SL16                                                                             NOS01                                                                     GC342                                                                                         



If you've spent some time in the sun and are tanner than usual, the right shade of nude can make you appear tanner and give you a gorgeous golden glow. Try nude shades teetering towards brown with gold or peach undertones for the ultimate glow. Try SL12 Dream Maker, BP27 Peachy Oriole, or AN03 Sweet Maple

                                    SL12                                                                          BP27                                                                     AN03                                                                                         



Those that fall into the brown skin tone range appear to be naturally tanned and can have either warm or cool undertones. If you have this skin tone, chocolatey browns and shades of rich ochre or smokey topaz look stunning. Try LV03 Chocolat, HM22 Baked Potatoes, or EE23 Worth The Wait

                                    LV03                                                                       HM22                                                                           EE23                                                                                         



Deep skin tones fall under the darkest range, can have both warm and cool undertones, and do not burn in the sun. Those with deep skin tones look great in dark chocolate browns and deep purple or burgundy. Try GC250 Peace of Mind, NV14 Brass Chandelier, or GC053 Kick my Bucket

                                   GC250                                                                        NV14                                                                        GC053