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SNS Academy

The Industry's Finest Training for Nail Professionals

SNS is passionately committed to advancing the skills of nail professionals. Our expert training programs build careers and improve business results. When clients receive an unforgettable service, they keep coming back, brining their friends with them! That's good for technicians, good for salons, and good for the bottom line.

"With its training and support, SNS provides great service to us, and that helps us deliver great service to our customers."

-Jim Lewis, CEO, Marilyn Monroe Spas

Master Trainers

Learn Directly from Master Trainers

The best way to learn nail skills is at SNS academy Live, our in-person training events.

You'll get personal hands-on instruction that will give you the highest level of confidence in your skills, plus prestigious certification as an SNS Nail Artist.

Study With SNS

Study Online with SNS

If live training isn't an option, or you want the best possible preparation before you attend, visit

This is the SNS online training center, and it's packed with training videos on every aspect of dip powder application. Each video gives you precise, detailed instruction on an important dip powder skill. The videos are easy to access by mobile phone or desktop.