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SNS Blog: Nail Business Topics

  1. How to Create a Healthier Nail Salon

    How to Create a Healthier Nail Salon
    People today are more health conscious than ever and are always looking for ways to live healthier lifestyles from the inside out. That’s why creating a healthier nail salon can help to attract customers and keep them coming back, not to mention make the environment safer for everyone, including your staff. Nail salons can come with a variety of hazards for both staff and customers, that many people are now fully aware of and they often look for salons whose brand is in line with their values and ultimately prioritize health. At SNS, we believe beauty and health are one, and we love to share our expert knowledge to ensure you build a...
  2. The Complete Guide to Salon Reviews

    The Complete Guide to Salon Reviews
    At SNS, we’re committed to supporting salon owners and nail techs in their business just as much as we are to providing superior nail care. Prioritizing reviews is essential for the success of your business. Learn why customer reviews are so important and how to successfully manage them to grow your business, boost sales, and get more customers into your salon. Customers can leave reviews on Google, Yelp, and more recently Apple Maps. Common and Less Known Reasons That Reviews Matter Build Credibility Studies show customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, making them crucial to the success of your...
  3. Expert Tips For Promoting Your Salon With Google Business Profile

    Expert Tips For Promoting Your Salon With Google Business Profile
    Your Google Business Profile is crucial for creating an online presence and ultimately, to the success of your salon. Google is often the first place customers will go for up-to-date information about your business. Your profile not only provides customers with important information about your salon, but a good Google Business Profile can improve your ranking, maximizing your salon’s visibility on Google. Follow these expert tips to optimize your listing, promote your salon business, and bring more customers into your salon. Why It’s Important Creates an Online Presence - Because Google is often the first place people will search...
  4. Internet Marketing Tips for your Nail Salon

    When you’re a small business owner, the marketplace can sometimes seem like a desert: desolate, dry, and a little unfriendly. It’s hard to build a client base, and marketing isn’t as straightforward as we all wish. Salon owners, though, have it a little easier. What salon owners sell is confidence itself. People want to look good, because when they look good, they feel great. To say your salon’s services sell themselves might be a bit of a stretch, but you have an advantage, and the groundwork is already laid out before you by scores of other salon owners and marketing professionals who have been there, done that, and came back with...
  5. Best Practices for Safety and Hygiene in the Salon: Advice to Salon Techs and Owners

    Best Practices for Safety and Hygiene in the Salon: Advice to Salon Techs and Owners
    When working in a salon, you want to ensure your clients have the best possible experience, but it’s also incredibly important that your salon is a safe and hygienic environment for everyone. Not only is it the law, but poor hygiene and cleaning habits put you and your clients at risk of infection and disease. The use of certain products may contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health. It’s vital that you follow proper protocols in your salon regarding safety and hygiene to protect the health of the staff, as well as the customers. Here we will share some of the best advice and practices to follow in your salon to ensure...