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SNS Blog: diy nails

  1. Easy Nail Art Trends You Can Do at Home

    A quick scroll through Instagram and you can see how creative nail art is trending right now. Your favorite SNS salon will have many talented nail artists ready to create designs. For those times you don't make it to the salon, you can create really chic nail art all from home and you don't even need to be artistically inclined. Whether you consider yourself an artist or far from it, here are the some dynamic DIY nail art trends you can easily recreate right at home. Fun Flowers Photo Credit: @overglowedit on Instagram If you're new to DIY nail art, one of the easiest to start with is flowers. All you need is two colors, and if you...
  2. The Ultimate Guide for a DIY Dip Powder Manicure

    The Ultimate Guide for a DIY Dip Powder Manicure
    Most of us desire stunning, flawless nails, but regular professional manicures can be pricey and some may not even have the time or patience for bi-weekly nail appointments. If you want a salon-worthy manicure without having to go to the salon, you're in luck because we've created the SNS Dip Powder Kit to get beautiful, salon-worthy nails right at home. Our at home dip powder kit comes with everything you’ll need to give yourself the ultimate dip powder manicure. Continue reading below for all the expert tips and tricks to ensure your at home dip powder nails look like you just came from the salon. Prep Nails Prepping your nails for any...
  3. SNS at Home: Our New “At Home” Service Product Line for the DIY Shopper

    SNS at Home: Our New “At Home” Service Product Line for the DIY Shopper
    When you visit the SNS website today, you quickly discover it’s organized into two separate sections: one for DIY (at home) nail enthusiasts, and one for beauty professionals. People often ask us: “Why?” So let’s take a look at how the new site came about, and why everyone is getting a better, more tailored service as a result. A Passion for Health It all starts 30+ years ago, when salon owner Joe Nguyen launched SNS to give women healthy and beautiful nails. He created SNS to protect women from the harsh chemicals common in so many nail products. To this day, our goal is that after every SNS application, your nails should be...