Why You Need to Offer SNS Dip Powder in Your Salon

Offering a variety of nail services in your salon and keeping up with the latest trends is essential to boost sales and attract customers. One of the most sought-after manicures that you should be offering in your salon is dip powder. While not a new product by any means, dip powder has made a major comeback as of late and it’s become one of the most asked-for manicures today. Not only is it an increasingly popular manicure option, but dip powder services are also a great addition to your salon menu for a number of reasons.


No Harsh Chemicals or Fumes

Acrylic products contain toxic ingredients and the fumes can easily overwhelm your salon resulting in headaches and an uncomfortable experience. One of the top benefits of using dip powder, however, is that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is odor-free, making it a safer alternative to acrylic for your customers and your nail techs. 


Easy to Apply

In your salon, time is money and you want to ensure your nail techs are providing quality manicures in an appropriate amount of time. One of the great things about dip powder is its ease of application. While acrylics can take quite a bit of training, dip powder is simple and quick to apply. Check out our expert tips to achieve a flawless dip powder manicure every time. 


Promotes Healthy Growth

Our non-toxic dip powders not only don’t contain any toxic ingredients but they’re actually formulated with a variety of healthy ingredients that nourish the nail beds and promote healthy growth with each and every application. 


No UV Light Required

A benefit of dip powder is that it doesn’t require UV light to cure the nails like gel polish. not only can UV lights be harmful to the skin but it’s also extra equipment needed. Dip powder is cured simply by applying a liquid activator resulting in a hard, brilliant shine with virtually zero drying time. 


Extensive Range of Vibrant Colors

SNS dip powder comes in 100s of highly pigmented colors ensuring your customers have endless color options to choose from. We also offer a pink and white range to achieve flawless French manicures with ease. 


Color Matching

A common issue we see in salons is that customers want dip powder or gel on their hands but conventional polish on their toes. Finding an exact match can be difficult, especially when mixing brands. SNS offers a range of conventional nail lacquers that match perfectly to our dip powder and gel polish with MasterMatch. With nearly 300 colors to choose from, MasterMatch provides countless options of rich, vibrant colors with a guaranteed 98% match for perfectly matched fingers and toes.