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Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. Fall Nail Ideas You Need to Try

    Fall Nail ideas
    When the weather starts to cool down and the leaves begin to change, it’s time to change up your mani. — Bring back some of the season’s classics with dark, rich colors and warm earth tones or try out one of the new unexpected trends for fall. From bold colors to seasonal nail art, the creative possibilities are endless. If you don’t know where to start and you’re in need of some inspiration, here are ten of our favorite fall manicures we’re falling hard for. You just may end up trying them all. 1. Monochromatic Orange Mani Photo Credit: @luxenailsbeautytelopea on Instagram If Pumpkin Spice latte were a nail...
  2. Spotlight on DOLO-Marble Nail Art

    Spotlight on DOLO-Marble Nail Art
    The hottest new trend in nail art is marble nails, and we can be sure we aren’t the only ones that think that. DOLO Marble Nails was rated as Best New Product by Nailpro Magazine’s 2020 Readers’ Choice. Create a stunning, one-of-a-kind mani that looks uber professional and worthy of a double-take with SNS DOLO Instant Marble products. Here’s why you need to offer these manicures in your salon ASAP. It’s Easy to Use As a technician, you probably have regulars hooked on your professional-looking nail designs, but with DOLO Instant Marble Nails by SNS, you can easily create the advanced styles with very little effort. You can...
  3. How to Safely Remove Dip Powder at Home

    dip powder removal
    Dip powder manicures are incredibly popular right now, and we totally understand why. Besides for its simple application and zero drying time, it can last longer than other manicure methods on the market. With proper care, a dip powder manicure will last 2 weeks, and often longer. Because of its strength and durability, dip powder manicures need to be properly removed to avoid damage and breakage. When it’s time for a fresh manicure, it can be tempting to pick at or force off the old dip powder manicure, but by doing so you can actually peel off layers of your nail. This can cause damage to your nail beds, making your nails weak...
  4. The Spookiest Halloween Nail Art Inspo

    halloween nail art
    The spookiest time of the year is upon us, and we have to say, it’s one of our favorites. Whether you’re donning a costume this Halloween or not, there’s no reason you can’t get festive with Halloween-inspired nail art. These nails are scary enough to hold their own weight, but can be a great accessory to any costume or Halloween. From bloody French tips, to the classic orange and black, here are the most hauntingly perfect nails of the season, all created using SNS products. The Scary French Photo Credit: @kosmosalon08 on Instagram It’s love at first bite with these scary nails. Upgrade your classic French this...
  5. The New French Manicure

    Black Tip French Manicure
    The classic French manicure featuring a nude pink base and signature white tips is a look made popular in the early 2000’s and has since become a staple in nail salons. Some may say the French manicure is timeless and chic, while others find it a bit outdated. If you’re the latter, we just may change your mind with these ultra modern takes on the traditional French. Get ready, because the French manicure has made a major comeback and it looks like it’s here to stay. Below are some of our favorite looks, all using colors and ranges from the SNS artillery. The Ombre French Photo credit: @mai971_nails_beauty on...