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SNS Blog: pedicure

  1. Get Beach Ready Nails With SNS

    Get Beach Ready Nails With SNS
    With warmer weather upon us, beach days are in the near future which means open-toed shoes, and a chance to show off those stunning pedicures. However constant sun exposure, swimming, and gritty sand can do a number on your nails resulting in chipped polish, rough feet, and yellowing nails. The good news is that there are some things you can do to ensure your pedi is always in tip-top shape. At SNS, we pride ourselves on healthy, beautiful nails and are always creating innovative products to ensure your nails are always looking their best. Here are some of the best insider tips and products to keep your nails looking flawless all summer...
  2. Get the Ultimate At-Home Pedicure with SNS Pedi Pack

    Get the Ultimate At-Home Pedicure with SNS Pedi Pack
    At SNS we’re continuously working hard to advance our product lines and give our customers the best nail experience possible while prioritizing the health and beauty of their nails. With summer in full swing, we’re proud to offer the latest product for creating the ultimate pedicure - the SNS Florida Pedi Pack. Available to both nail techs and DIYers, the Pedi Pack comes in four perfectly portioned alluring formulas to suit any mood - Orange, Olive Oil, Rose, and Lavender. With the SNS Pedi Pack, you can take your DIY pedicure to the next level, rivaling any professional pedicure. Each Pedi Pack comes with four products to create a...