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SNS Blog: nail trends

  1. Easy Nail Art Trends You Can Do at Home

    A quick scroll through Instagram and you can see how creative nail art is trending right now. Your favorite SNS salon will have many talented nail artists ready to create designs. For those times you don't make it to the salon, you can create really chic nail art all from home and you don't even need to be artistically inclined. Whether you consider yourself an artist or far from it, here are the some dynamic DIY nail art trends you can easily recreate right at home. Fun Flowers Photo Credit: @overglowedit on Instagram If you're new to DIY nail art, one of the easiest to start with is flowers. All you need is two colors, and if you...
  2. Nail Art For Men is the Coolest New Trend

    Nail Art For Men is the Coolest New Trend
    Beauty trends come and go, but one we’ve seen a lot of lately and think it will be here to stay indefinitely is nail art for men, also recently dubbed as the "man-icure." While the men’s manicure isn’t something necessarily new, as we’ve seen it in the past on celebrities like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Kurt Kobain, the trend rarely made its rounds outside the world of rockstars or the grunge and goth subcultures. Now, freshly polished fingers are being seen on just about any man and maybe soon, every man. A trend that was once seen as a badge of rebellion is now showing up on men from every space, from Brad Pitt to your average...