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Bases & Sealers

Bases & Sealers

The core of a healthy dip manicure lies in the quality of the bases and sealers:  SNS formulated their dip powder system to leave the natural nail bed as healthy—or even healthier—than before. Years of research and development have led SNS to create a range of Bases & Sealers unlike anything in the nail industry. These essential products bind the color to the nail, provide a beautiful mirror-finish, and most of all, ensure the health of the natural nail. With high quality dip top coats, dip base coat adhesives, and sealers, the health of the natural nail is protected and nurtured with each application. They also have the advantage of being virtually odorless, thereby making the atmosphere of your salon far more appealing for clients and nail techs.


  1. Natural materials used wherever possible
  2. Nourishing the natural nail with healthful ingredients
  3. No toxic odors in the salon
  4. Minimize allergenic effects
  5. Provide a light, strong and flexible nail
  6. Nails protected against UV light
  7. Easy to apply and remove
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