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Gel & Nail Polish

Gel & Nail Polish

The mission of SNS is to give women beautiful and healthy nails. In keeping with that mission, SNS developed a proprietary formula to create a totally new kind of professional gel polish: SNS GelStar™. Remarkably, SNS GelStar™ has all the benefits of gels, with far less damage to the nail bed. Compared with other gels, the unique formulation GelStar™ supports the natural nail bed with healthier ingredients. As with all SNS products, beauty is never compromised to achieve a healthier outcome. Application of GelStar™ results in a brilliant mirror finish that lasts for 14 days or more. The colors are rich and radiant, and the surface is light and durable. Application of GelStar™ is exceptionally easy, compared to other UV gels, especially when using the proprietary SNS UV/LED light. No alcohol is needed for the top, and removal is fast and easy. Professionals only can purchase the full range of GelStar™ products, enjoying all the benefits of wholesale prices — please ensure that you are registered at this website as a nail professional to ensure these wholesale benefits.

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