The Best Nail Colors For Every Skin Tone


The great thing about nail polishes is that there are really no rules. You can choose whatever color of nail polish your heart desires depending on the season or your mood. However, choosing the right shade of polish that works best with your skin tone can really make your manicure pop and flatter your skin. From deep skin tones to fair ones and cool undertones to warm, there’s a variety of colors and shades that can be super flattering. If you’re on the hunt for your next favorite nail polish, lucky for you we’ve done the dirty work for you. Once you figure out if your skin tone is warm, cool, or neutral, continue reading below for expert tips on choosing the best shade for your skin tone as well as a curated list of SNS colors.



If you have fair skin, there's a good chance you have red or light colored hair, light eyes, and burn easily in the sun.Fair skin tends to have cooler undertones, so it’s best to choose nail colors on the cooler side with blueish undertones. A sheer cool pink, ivory, or metallic gray looks great on fair skin for an everyday nail look. However, if you’d like to go bolder, a deep blue or burgundy can also look stunning. You also can never go wrong with a fire-engine red. Just keep in mind, that there are endless shades of red, so if you have fair skin, try to opt for one with cool undertones instead of warm to really compliment your skin. Try Gelous Colors GC045 - Lava Inferno, a deep red, or NC05 - Fresh Meat, a cool, blush pink. 







Those with a light skin tone, may have warmer yellow or beige undertones than those with fair skin and may tan easier in the sun. If you have a light skin tone, beige, whites, soft pinks, pastels, and lilac look super fresh and flattering. However, if you’re looking to make a statement or prefer bolder colors, you can never go wrong with a candy-apple red, vivid pink, or warm gold. Try Gelous Colors BP31 - Buff Your Feathers, a gorgeous ivory beige, or BP23 - Lilac Roller, a cool lilac.