All About Dip Powder: A Healthy Alternative to Acrylic Nails 

If you like a durable and long-lasting manicure and always opt for acrylic nails, you may be missing out on one of the best trends -- dip powder nails. Dip has the durability of acrylic and the flexibility of gel, but without all the harmful chemicals and potential damage to the nail bed. Whether you're having your nails done professionally or doing your own dip powder at home, the end result is longer-lasting with brilliant shine. When it comes to lasting power, dip powder can even outlast acrylic nails, making it an ideal alternative to acrylics. As a pioneer of dip powder for the past 30 years, SNS super-charged the benefits of dip powder even further.  Let's dig deeper to understand why dip powder is far superior to traditional acrylic methods. 


What are Acrylics?

Great for adding length and strength to the nails, acrylics have been around for decades and are a mix of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer which forms a paste that is bonded to each natural nail, and then air-dried to a hard finish.  The monomer that is used can be quite harsh on the nail and cause unsightly damage.


What are Dip Powder Nails?

Dip powder manicures involve the application of an extremely fine colored powder that hardens into a brilliant shine. They have the durability of acrylic nails, yet are formulated with healthy ingredients and require zero drying time.  Dip Powder techniques do not use monomer saving the nail from the harsh chemical exposure and structural damage.


Benefits of Dip Powder

When applied and removed correctly, SNS dip powders provide extensive benefits when compared to acrylic nails or other types of manicures. Here are some of the top benefits of dip powder nails.


Durable & Gentle Protection

Many people who want long nails often opt for acrylic nails with faux extensions. However, these can severely damage your natural nails, causing them to become weak, brittle, and prone to breakage. Dip powder provides a strong yet gentle layer of protection that prevents breakage and allows your natural nails to grow long and strong without the need for faux extensions.


No Toxic Chemicals

Acrylic nails often contain toxic fumes and chemicals that can cause irritation and even health problems with long-term usage. SNS dip powders are non-toxic and are formulated with healthy nutrients like calcium, zinc, vitamin A, E, B5, and D3 that actually make your nails healthier with every application, promoting strong and healthy nail growth.


Less Likely to Damage Nail Bed

The removal process of acrylics can be very invasive and damage your nails beds. Nail techs often have to file down your natural nail to penetrate the thicker layers of the acrylic application. Acrylic nail glue also contains harmful chemicals, while the bio-friendly adhesive used for your dip powder manicure is gentle and safe, yet very effective.


Less Likely to Develop or Hide Infections

Because acrylic nails are typically filled instead of completely removed at each salon visit, it may be months before your natural nails are visible, making it more likely for acrylic nails to develop or hide nail infections. Dip powder is completely removed and reapplied at every salon visit, making it easier for you and your nail tech to assess your nail health.


Faster Application

Acrylic nails require a process of filing down your natural nail before the acrylic is applied and then needs to be dried under a fan. Compared to the application process of acrylics, dip powder is much faster to apply and requires virtually zero drying time after the activator is applied which results in a beautiful, hard and forgiving finish. 


A More Natural Look is even easier

Acrylic nails require extensive professional training to get natural, thin layers while achieving thin layers with dip powder can be mastered much more readily.


More Color Options

Acrylic nails typically come in a few natural or blush colors making it necessary to add colored polish as an extra step, while dip powders come in a wide range of over 400 colors, allowing you endless options for a rich deeply pigmented manicure with a brilliant shine. 


Less Maintenance 

Acrylic nails often require a lot more maintenance than dip powder. Acrylics usually need to be filled every 2 weeks and sometimes you may need to get a full new set, while dip powder provides a beautiful, glossy manicure for 2 weeks or more.


Bottom Line

SNS prides itself on beautiful and healthy natural nails. The use of high-quality dip powders and safer ingredients make dip powder a healthier alternative to acrylics and other conventional manicure techniques.