Expert Tips For Promoting Your Salon With Google Business Profile


Your Google Business Profile is crucial for creating an online presence and ultimately, to the success of your salon. Google is often the first place customers will go for up-to-date information about your business. Your profile not only provides customers with important information about your salon, but a good Google Business Profile can improve your ranking, maximizing your salon’s visibility on Google. Follow these expert tips to optimize your listing, promote your salon business, and bring more customers into your salon.


Why It’s Important

Creates an Online Presence - Because Google is often the first place people will search for your business, marketing your Google Business Profile will be the first impression of your salon. Customers are 70% more likely to visit a business with a complete Google Business Profile.

Provides Essential Information - Google Business Profile allows you to create a knowledge panel about your salon providing essential information including your business hours, address, website, social media profiles, services offered, and contact information, allowing potential customers to learn about your business.

Improve SEO Ranking - A completed profile listing can improve your business’s SEO ranking, making it more visible on the world’s largest internet search engine.

Google Maps Integration - The Google Maps integration on your listing makes it easier for customers to find your salon on the most commonly used map and directions app.

Social Credibility - Customer reviews are displayed under your business's listing giving your business social credibility. 

Follow our other tips for promoting your salon and bringing customers into your salon!


Setting up Your Google Business Profile

Setting up your Google Business profile is the first step and it’s incredibly simple to do. First, you must claim or add your business on Google Maps. When filling out your profile, it’s important to fill out every section accurately, which is not only helpful for customers, but a fully completed profile improves your visibility on Google.


Name Your Listing Wisely

When it comes to naming your Business profile listing, it’s important it accurately represents your DBA (Doing-Business-As) name or the name that people associate with your business. For example, if your salon is named “Jane’s”, it may help to name your listing “Jane’s Nail Salon”. This will help establish a sense of identity, making it easier for people to find you and know what services you offer.


Add Your Website, Social Media, and Contact Info 

When creating your listing, it's important to add a link to your website and social media profiles, as well as add your contact information, which allows customers to directly call or email your salon right from your profile with the click to call option. It's also beneficial to link your Google Business Profile and also embed your google maps location directly on your website


Verify Your Listing

Once you've accurately filled out your Google Business Profile and have chosen the option which only allows you to edit it, you must verify your listing by phone or text, email, video call, or postcard. Verifying your listing allows your business to legitimately show up in Google searches and maps.


Update Your Listing Regularly 

Now that your business is verified, it's important to regularly update your Google Business Profile to provide the latest up-to-date information about your salon. For example, if you recently changed your business hours, it's vital to update your profile with those changes. The last thing you want is a customer to show up to your salon on a day you're closed because your Google Business Profile has inaccurate information. 


Encourage Engagement

Another way to build credibility and keep your profile up-to-date is by encouraging engagement with your customers through Google reviews. While you can't pay people to give a review, if they are happy with their service, you can politely ask them to leave a review, add a photo of their service, or tag you on social media. A great way to simplify the review process for your customers is by adding a sign with a QR code that immediately directs them to your Google Business profile page.