How to Create a Healthier Nail Salon

People today are more health conscious than ever and are always looking for ways to live healthier lifestyles from the inside out. That’s why creating a healthier nail salon can help to attract customers and keep them coming back, not to mention make the environment safer for everyone, including your staff.


Nail salons can come with a variety of hazards for both staff and customers, that many people are now fully aware of and they often look for salons whose brand is in line with their values and ultimately prioritize health. 


At SNS, we believe beauty and health are one, and we love to share our expert knowledge to ensure you build a successful salon that leaves each and every customer happy with their experience by giving them beautiful and healthy nails. 


Here are some ways to prioritize health in your nail salon, attract customers, and grow your business.


Use Non-Toxic Products

When it comes to nails, technique and skill are definitely important but the products you choose to use are crucial. Low-quality products can give poor results but they also often contain a variety of unhealthy ingredients that can be toxic to your health, irritate your skin or eyes, and can create health concerns in the long run. 


Many customers today look for non-toxic products in their salons. That’s why it’s worth it to invest in high-quality, non-toxic products like those from SNS that prioritize healthy nails without sacrificing results. 


Use LED/UV Light for Gel

Gel polish is one of the most sought-after manicures, however, many users are concerned with the health risks that come along with the regular use of UV lights. The good news is that there’s a healthier alternative that’s become a game changer in the nail industry - the SNS Hybrid UV/LED Light. This safer and smarter approach assures low UV exposure to prevent skin-related risks while also providing highly efficient performance.


Invest in Good Sanitation Equipment

As a nail tech, your tools are incredibly important and customers are making notes if they’ve been properly cleaned. Improperly sanitized tools can pass on bacteria from previous clients and cause all kinds of infections, not to mention you run the risk of getting your salon shut down for not following state laws. That’s why it’s so important to properly sanitize your tools with the proper disinfecting solution or an autoclave. 


Educate Your Staff

Your nail techs are essential to your nail salon business so it’s crucial to continuously educate them on the latest healthy practices and techniques to use with their customers and that their licenses stay up to date. SNS also offers different training programs to advance the skills of nail professionals and perfect their technique both online and in person with master trainers from the SNS Academy.