When the weather begins to heat up, so does festival season -- the time of great music line-ups, a lot of laughs, and more recently, super cool outfits. While you may have your festival ensembles pinned and saved in your phone or already meticulously placed in your closet, one thing you shouldn't overlook is your nails. And when it comes to festival nails, we say, the bolder the better. Because when things get a little muddy and a lot of sweaty, a bold mani somehow makes everything look a bit more put together. From retro florals and tie-dye to mini mushrooms and the perfect touch of glitter, here are the hottest nail art ideas for your next music festival.


Glitter Galaxy

Photo Credit: @nails_and_soul on Instagram

Because is it even a festival without a little glitter?


Peace and Hearts

Photo Credit: @thehangedit on Instagram

Yin Yangs are trending as of late and we're absolutely loving this floral variation. Choose any bold or bright color scheme for fun and peaceful vibes perfect for any festival.


Retro Tie Dye

Photo Credit: @danvar.ar on Instagram

Get a little nostalgic with this modern take on retro tie-dye fit for a music festival. 


Smiley Graffiti 


Photo Credit: @amyle.nails on Instagram

If you're excited about a festival, show it by donning smiles in bright graffiti.


Total Tigress 

Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit on Instagram

Because we'll never say no to animal print. Switch up the typical leopard or zebra print and opt for a sexy tiger. 


Too Hot to Handle

Photo Credit: @onyxfiles on Instagram

We love this flame nail art. These nails are so hot and the colors are so unexpected. 


Psychedelic Hearts

Photo Credit: @bluesy_nails on Instagram

Share the love at the next festival with these purple psychedelic hearts. 


Flower Power

Photo Credit: @overglowedit on Instagram

Make an ode to the original music festival with this retro flower mani that’s giving us total Woodstock vibes.


Iridescent Neon Marble


Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit on Instagram

Can't decide on one neon shade? Good news, you don't have to. Mix and match a few of your favorites instead. To get this look, ask your nail tech about SNS DOLO Instant Marble.


Superstar Mani

Photo Credit: @overglowedit on Instagram

Because the bands aren't the only stars at the festival.


Mini Mushroom Trip

Photo Credit: @amyle.nails on Instagram

We're crazy about this modern take on french with the cutest mini mushrooms. From jewelry and apparel to stationery and ceramics, mushroom accessories are super popular right now, and we can't think of a better time to wear them than at a music festival.