Redefining SNS: The Leaders in Dip Powder

Founded in 1990 by Joe Nguyen, Signature Nail System has been the leading dip powder brand within the nail industry for over 25 years and counting. Our hard work and dedication to creating innovative products with both health and beauty in mind has helped us become a household name. So much so that both consumers and nail techs have begun referring to any brand of dip powder as “SNS.” However, all dip powders are not created equal. 


At SNS we are extremely proud of our name, and as a brand, we want to share what sets SNS dip powders apart from other dip powder brands. 


Nail Health is our Top Priority - While we pride ourselves on our extensive range of rich, pigmented colors, we believe health and beauty are one. SNS products are formulated with anti-microbial agents and nutrient-rich ingredients and such as Vitamin A, E, D3, B5, and calcium. With each and every application, the SNS dip powder system promotes strength and health of the natural nail.


Nearly Odorless - Compared to other nail products on the market, there is less odor when using the SNS product line, making our nail treatments more pleasant experience for both nail techs and consumers. 


Non-allergenic - Through years of innovation, we have created non-allergenic products making our products safe to be used by anyone, even those with allergies. Our SenShine system of bases and sealers has been exclusively designed for people with highly sensitive skin and eyes, making it even gentler than our original line without sacrificing quality. 


Ease of Application - Whether you’re a professional nail tech or a DIY nail enthusiast, with very little training, almost anyone can become an expert at using SNS dip powders. The application is simple, and the fast drying products don’t require any UV lights to cure. 


Easy to Remove - Compared to other brands on the market, SNS dip powders are non-invasive to the natural nail and easy to remove. While many other products on the market often need a nail drill to remove, our fine powders can be removed in a breeze with the correct removal process. 


Color Options - SNS currently has over 400 highly-pigmented colors to choose from, a wider range than any other brand on the market. In addition we provide an exclusive pink and white system for flawless French manicures. 


Color Matching - SNS MasterMatch 2-in-1 Gel & Polish Combo was created to provide matching products across our most popular product lines, SNS GelStar, our famous gel polish, SNS Dip Powders, and the SNS Nail Lacquers, our conventional polishes. MasterMatch provides endless options of rich, vibrant colors with a guaranteed 98% match for perfectly matched fingers and toes. 


Color-coded System - Because we have many products to choose from depending on the needs of the nails, we’ve created a user-friendly color-coded system to make it easier for users and nail techs to know what product they’re using and when to use it. You no longer need to read the fine text or accidentally use the wrong product. The colored cap says it all.