Expert Tips for Creating a Flawless Dip Powder Mani Every Time


It's a no-brainer why dip powder is all the rage as of late. A dip powder mani has the flexibility of gel, the durability of acrylic, lasts over two weeks, and when applied correctly, won't harm your nails. At SNS, we love to share our expert tricks of the trade to ensure you achieve a salon-worthy mani every time. Whether you're a nail tech who wants to refine your technique or a DIYer using our dip powder nail kit, here are some expert tips for creating a flawless dip powder mani that lasts.  


Stay Away From Water

Water is your enemy when it comes to a flawless dip powder mani, as it can result in super long drying times and an uneven or dull shine. Sanitize your hands with a spray of alcohol and a lint-free towel, and avoid washing your hands during the dip mani process.


Remove Oils

To ensure your dip powder mani is long-lasting, it's important to remove any excess oil from your nails, as oily nail beds can affect the bond of dip powder. Create a rough surface using a nail file, and then apply the SNS EA Bond to improve the grip of the dip mani. 


Think Thin

When it comes to application, less is definitely more. Dip powder applied too thick not only looks unnatural, but it can crack. When applying the base coat and dip powder, apply the first layer in a thin coat halfway up the nail, also leaving a perimeter on the sides of your nails. Then when applying the second coat, go closer to the cuticle line and edges of the nail. This will help create a natural C-curve in your nail, strengthening the nail plate while also making the cuticle line thinner and more natural.


Shake It

Dip powders tend to separate when sitting for a long time which can result in blotchy colors. Before using, give your dip powder a good shake. Alternatively, you can store them upside down, so you have to flip them to use them. This will mix the powder naturally. 


Wipe it Off

Dip powder has a tendency to stick to your brushes, contaminating your products. To prevent your base coat, activator, and top coat from getting dried out or clumpy from the powder, make sure to wipe the brush after each use. 


Remove Dip Correctly

How you remove your dip manicure is just as important as how you apply it. An improperly removed dip mani can severely damage your nail beds. When you pick at your dip powder manicure, you can actually peel off a layer of your nail bed, causing your nails to become thin, weak, and brittle, ultimately affecting your next dip powder mani. Check out our at-home removal guide to ensure you're removing your gel or dip powder mani safely and correctly every time.