How SNS Provides a Healthy Safe UV Gel Manicure

Shiny, smooth, and colorful, gel nails will last you through weddings, vacations, and busy work weeks. The process of getting these perfect nails requires the use of ultraviolet light to harden the gel polish. Some of our customers ask us about the risks of exposure to UV light.

To help dispel your doubts, we have put together this blog detailing everything you need to know about gel manicures, UV exposure, and how our SNS Healthy GelStar and new hybrid lamps minimize risk.

What are Gel Manicures?

Gel manicures - a popular choice in salons - uses three types of coats dried under a UV or UV/LED lamp. The layers - base, color, and top coats ensure that the nails get a glossy finish that lasts up to 14 days or more with proper care.

Apart from the long-lasting effect, gel manis are also known for their protection to prevent nails breakage.

Another reason why salons love gel manicures is because of their quick-drying properties, thanks to the UV/LED lamp effect. Each coat of gel polish is cured for about 30 to 60 seconds at a time, making it more resistant to chipping and wear and tear.

The Use of UV/LED in Gel Manicures

The gel nail polishes and lacquers contain photoinitiators in them, which require specific UV wavelengths to cure or, as we call it, dry the polish. This process of hardening the nail polish in gel manicures is called photoreaction.

Both UV and LED lights emit wavelengths that lead your manicure to cure faster and stay longer. This is why they end up becoming such an essential step in the gel polish process.

Understanding Your Lights: UV v/s LED

Theoretically, we know that UV exposure increases the risk of skin cancer.

However, since the exposure to these lights is for mere seconds or minutes, the FDA has listed nail curing lamps as low risk if used as per the label. Additionally, the FDA has clarified that to date, they have not received any reports of burns or skin cancer attributed to these lamps. As a matter of fact, a 2013 study showed that even 30 minutes per day exposure is below daily occupational exposure limits.

Hybrid Lights: The Gamechanger for Gel Manicures

The SNS Hybrid UV/LED Light is designed to ensure more safety and higher performance to salons and customers alike.  Recent developments show hybrid lights combine UV and LED and are a better and healthier option. Not just safety, but their performance is touted as top-notch and highly efficient. Our hybrid lamp assures low heat exposure to prevent skin-related risks as a result of the procedure.

With a safer and smarter approach, SNS Hybrid Lamps are equally effective in performance as they come with:

  • LG Hybrid LED for best results
  • Smart Design for its protective shield
  • 54W High Power Output for quicker curing
  • Pause/Low Heat Function to control exposure
  • Extended Battery Life for reliable performance
  • Three stylish colors to match salon decor

SNS GelStar, the World’s Healthiest Gel

At SNS, we are driven by our commitment to ensure healthier nails to our customers. Along with our Hybrid UV/LED light, we have worked on SNS GelStar, the world’s healthiest gel, to make the manicure process even safer. Enriched with Vitamin E and Calcium, the GelStar nourishes your nail bed. Further, there is no need for alcohol on the top as with other gel brands.

We are ardent believers in improving our technology and processes with the help of strong R&D. Our products are updated regularly to keep up with the latest trends and strictest safety standards. This is why you will find SNS products being trusted by salons and used by customers everywhere.

Tips to Make Gel Manicures Safer

For us, it’s not enough to give you the best products. Listed below are some tips which when coupled with safe products, make the experience wonderful and stress-free.

  • Apply a sunscreen having an SPF of 30 or higher on your hands and fingers before going for a gel manicure
  • Cover your hands and fingers with a cloth, like wearing a glove with the tips cut off.
  • Be sure your salon is using a regulated Hybrid lamp and proper curing times.
  • Use safe and tested gel polishes that include added nutrients.
  • Limit frequency of gel manicures to every 2-3 weeks.
  • Follow instructions and advice if you are using an at-home kit.

The beauty of well-manicured nails doubles when you use the best-in-class products and technology. At SNS, we endeavor to deliver what you need. Choose the safest and most reliable option for your salons and your nails with SNS.