Are Dip Powder Nails Healthier?

Addicted to long-lasting manicures but fretting over any potential long-term effects? You’ve probably heard that dip powder manicures are a healthier option and may have some questions about how and why.  At SNS, we prioritize health and beauty. We’re proud to explain the healthy improvements of dip over other manicures, and how our Gelous Color dip powder line in particular is developed with specific health benefits for your skin and nails.

So, are dip powder nails healthier? The short answer is yes, for several reasons:

  • Durability reduces chipping distress associated with regular manicures.
  • The dip powder process allows your nails to grow without damaging the root.
  • No UV exposure.
  • The base coat used by SNS manicurists contains a safe adhesive which forms a strong bond enabling the powder to stick to your nails without causing harm.
  • Nourishing vitamins and minerals improve nail health.


How Healthy Bases and Sealers Preserve Your Nails

After conducting extensive research, SNS has crafted a progressive array of bases and sealers. What sets these products apart is the ability to preserve your nail’s health.

Our bases and sealers keep your nail bed hydrated and prevent it from drying out. You can secure the color of your choice with a beautiful finish.

Manicures that use SNS’s bases, adhesives, top coats, and sealers will actually make your nails healthier. Our line has 5 nourishing ingredients, more than any other line on the market.

  • No toxic chemicals
  • Nourishing and healthy ingredients which include calcium, Vitamin A, E, B5, and D3
  • Lack of toxic odors
  • Brilliant and consistent colors
  • Ease of application and removal
  • Ability to keep your nails strong and flexible
  • Protective shield from allergenic effects


Who is an Ideal Candidate for Dip Nails?

Unlike a simple nail lacquer, the dip powder technique retains its appeal for longer. If you desire the look and longevity minus natural nail damage that acrylic causes, this is for you. You can view dip nails as the perfect in-between treatment.

Plus, getting a dip powder manicure done at your local salon is so convenient. Including drying time, you can wrap up the process faster than a gel manicure.

No more stressing over your thin nails as a few coats of resin application make them thicker and worthy of display.


What Makes Dip Powder Nails Healthier?

Acrylic nail glue contains questionable chemicals, while the adhesive used for your dip powder manicure is safe yet, effective.

Also, the application of thinner coats or layers keeps infections and nail bed damage at bay.

For those of you concerned about UV light exposure, dip manicures are your best bet. They do not involve any UV light curing, plus branded dip powders are devoid of harmful chemicals. Revolutionizing the nail industry has been the focal point for us at SNS, explaining why our products are loved so much across the country and around the world.


Benefits of Dip Powder Manicures

Durable dip powders give your nails a natural and healthy glow when executed correctly.

Some delightful benefits of dip powder nails include:

·      Remarkable Durability

When you depend on a professional for your dip manicure, the impressive results last much longer. Your nails will remain chip-free and shiny for at least two weeks in spite of busy schedule of chores and rigorous activities.  Having your hands constantly in water does not adversely affect your dip powder manicure thus causing it to chip.

·      Endless Color Choices

SNS's impressive range of vibrant and nail nourishing colors ensures you find a powder shade to match your favorite lacquer. Besides the ever-popular pink and white gelous colored dip powders, SNS also has over 400 shades to suit your mood.

·      Works with Nail Extensions

If you have short nails, you can still achieve a dip powder manicure look with nail extensions. After adding the nail tips, the manicurist will file them to your preference before starting the dip manicure process. At the end of the treatment, you will be able to proudly display your enviable nails.

·      Facilitates Natural Nail Growth

Dip powder adds a non-porous and extra protective layer, which prevents your nails from breaking. Your natural nail continue to grow underneath and add length with time.

·      Gentle Removal Process

In the absence of scraping, dip powder removal is far gentler and safer. Wrapping your hands in warm towels accelerates the process by easing the buffing off of dip powder from your nail plate.

·      Quick and Straightforward Application

Unlike traditional acrylics, dip powder nails involve a much shorter timeframe to execute. It is less messy. Best of all, the application of dip powder and a top coat does not demand much drying time.


Beautify Your Nails Without Making Compromises

Our Gelous Colors dip powder is thoughtfully crafted so you don’t have to sacrifice health for beauty. With vitamins + calcium infused, these safe powders nourish your nails besides beautifying them. We incorporate only high-quality and non-toxic ingredients in all of our nail product offerings.

Applying dip powder on a smooth, healthy surface brings out its best. With SNS dip powder manicures, you can say goodbye to overpowering odors and potential allergic reactions. Even in the absence of UV light curing, the fine grain of the powder seals to a hard and brilliant finish.


A Healthy Trend

The use of safe practices and products makes dip powder manicures a healthy alternative to conventional approaches. SNS nail treatments provide acrylic nail durability as well as UV gel nail flexibility. Your nails will thank you for such deserving TLC.