5 Spring Promotion Ideas to Bring Customers to Your Salon


At SNS, we're always focused on supporting our professional salon owners and nail techs not only in nail care but in business as well. Finding new creative ways to attract customers is essential for growing your business and boosting sales. Having seasonal promotions sparks excitement with your clientele and can increase sales. With spring in full swing, it may be time to add some fun promotions to your salon business. Here are 5 great spring promotion ideas that will help bring customers into your salon.


Mother’s Day Packages

Spring is the perfect time to offer a Mother’s Day salon package in your salon which will be an ideal gift for anyone to gift to their mother or for any mom to treat herself on her special day.

Pamper Mom Package: Combine several of your services into a single package with a discounted price and an attractive certificate.  pamper themselves with a massage, manicure, pedicure, or any other services you offer. 

Mother-Daughter Day: 2 services to be booked at same time for a discount: pedicure, manicure or both. Include a glass of wine or tea if possible. 

Busy Mom's Special: Working busy moms hesitate to slow down and treat themselves. Offer a quick in and out package of 45 min for hands and feet at the same time.


Flower-Themed Nail Art

Flower-themed nail art is perfect for spring, and it’s also incredibly popular right now. Consider offering your clients complimentary flower nail art on one or two nails per hand during the spring season for a fun and simple spring promotion. This can help highlight nail art services in your salon and also get people excited to try something new while having their nails done. 


Complimentary Massage on Premium Services

When the weather starts to warm up, the sandals come out and it’s time for spring-ready toes. Create a spring promotion by giving a complimentary 10-minute massage to those who book a premium pedicure service, allowing customers to fully enjoy their service, leaving the salon completely relaxed. This kind of promotion can help boost sales, encouraging customers to choose a premium service over a basic one.


A Weekly Happy Hour

A great way to increase your customer base is by having a weekly happy hour, and no we don’t mean cocktails unless that’s what you’re into. A weekly happy hour at your salon offers discounted services on a certain day or a certain time. It’s best to choose the day of the week you’re least busy. By creating these discounted rates on a slow day, there’s a good chance it may end up being your busiest, increasing your sales and potentially getting you new clients curious about your salon too. Pro tip: offer the happy hour discount only on certain services that you want to promote the most, like SNS dip powder manicures, of course.


Spring Fever Giveaway

When it comes to promoting your salon business, social media is your best friend. Increase the traffic on your page and get people talking about your salon by creating a seasonal Instagram giveaway or contest where one lucky winner receives a free salon package. While you can get creative with what kind of spring giveaway or contest you’d like to offer, when creating the rules, make sure all contestants must tag their friends in the comments to participate. This will help create awareness for your business and possibly get you more new customers.