What Your Nail Shape Says About You

When it comes to your manicure, there’s a bit more to it than just choosing a color or which type of manicure -- your nail shape is just as important. From a classic round to a daring stiletto, your nail shape can completely change the mood of your mani, and it also can say a lot about your style and even your personality. However, nail shapes are not necessarily one size fits all. Some nail shapes can elongate and slim your fingers while others can make them look shorter or wider. and some may be more low maintenance than others. The perfect nail shape for you may depend on your personal style, lifestyle, and the shape of fingers and nail beds. If you already have your go-to nail shape or are curious about which shape will suit your hands and personality best, continue reading our guide below to find out what your nail shape says about you.


Round: Classic & Feminine

Photo Credit: @emenstudio_ on Instagram

A round nail shape is the ultimate classic, featuring a rounded, arched tip that mirrors the contour of the cuticle line and works well on both short or long nails. Those who prefer a round shape have a timeless, feminine style and are often soft-hearted and agreeable.  


Square: Modern & Assertive

Photo Credit: @moskvichka_nails on Instagram

The square is a modern nail shape that has a flat, straight tip with strong 90-degree angle sides, perfect for the modern woman. Those who go for a square nail are strong, assertive, and are usually a leader of the pack. However, a square nail shape works best for those with long, narrow nail beds and fingers. Those with shorter nail beds and fingers may find this nail shape can accentuate these traits, making them appear even shorter. 


Oval: Elegant & Natural Beauty

Photo Credit: @ghthenailartist on Instagram

Similar to a round nail shape but with slightly more tapered sides and a longer tip, the oval can give the appearance of long, slim fingers and nail beds, making it an ideal shape for most hands. This nail shape is elegant, feminine, and preferred by those who appreciate natural beauty and timeless styles. Those who choose an oval are often tasteful and sophisticated. 


Squoval: Practical & Goes with the Flow

Photo Credit: @overglowedit on Instagram

The squoval nail shape is the perfect mix of a square and oval shape featuring a straight tip with soft, rounded corners. This nail shape is universally flattering and looks good on everyone and both long and short nails. Those who opt for a squoval nail are often dependable and easy-going. Their practical nature compels them to choose this nail shape as it requires less maintenance compared to other shapes and looks good with any style or color. 


Almond: Ultra Chic & Trendy

Photo Credit: @nycnailroom on Instagram

A fashionista's favorite, the almond nail shape is basically an elongated oval shape with slightly tapered sides and tip. This nail shape can elongate and slim your fingers and nail beds, making it an ultra-chic and sexy nail shape for just about anyone. Those who prefer an almond nail are independent and stylish, always up to speed on the hottest trends. The girls with oval nails also probably have a standing biweekly mani appointment and scroll Instagram for the latest nail art trends.


Coffin: Edgy & Trendsetter 

Photo Credit: @jenny.jennys on Instagram

The coffin nail, which gets its name because it literally looks like a coffin, has a straight square tip and tapered sides. This is a strong nail shape that suits those with longer nails and slimmer fingers. The girl with coffin nails doesn’t follow trends, she makes them.  As this nail shape is a more high-maintenance choice, those who opt for the edgy coffin nail probably have a standing biweekly mani appointment to keep their nails in tip-top shape. 


Stilleto: Bold & Daring

Photo Credit: @rachelshardin on Instagram

The stiletto nail, which looks like the heel of a stiletto shoe, has a long tapered point that can be compared to a claw. Those who opt for this high-maintenance nail shape are usually bold and daring. They may be extroverted, aren't afraid to stand out, and love to start new trends. They're often impulsive, and when playing truth or dare, they will always choose dare.