nail care


The frustration of spending time on a professional or at-home manicure only to have a nail break shortly after is maddening. The culprit? Dry, brittle nails are almost always the reason. If you find your nails are constantly breaking, don’t dismay — there are a few lifestyle changes that will ensure your nails stay healthy and strong, reducing the chances of breakage. Continue below for the best tips for optimal nail health, as well as which habits to break, so your nails won’t. 


If you weren’t already aware, the nutrients we put into our bodies have a direct link to our outward appearance — including your hair, skin, and nails. For superior nail health, it’s important to eat a well-balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals, and increase your biotin intake. Biotin is a B vitamin that can be found in a variety of foods. If you want to ensure you’re eating right and getting the maximum amount of biotin, eat things like eggs, salmon, spinach, sweet potato, and nuts and seeds, which are all loaded with this essential B vitamin. While whole foods are best, it may also be helpful to consider taking a multivitamin or biotin supplement to ensure you’re getting an adequate fix. Here are some more tips for food and vitamins for strong, healthy nails.

Strengthening Base Coat

What we choose to put into our bodies is super important, but it’s also important to be aware of what you’re putting on your nails topically as well. Using healthy, high quality products will ensure your nails stay healthy and are always looking their best. At SNS, we pride ourselves on healthy natural nails and all our bases and sealers contain nutrient-rich ingredients that nourish the nail beds and promote healthy, strong nails. At the salon, request Gelous Color, our professional dip powder, to be used along with our full line of bases and sealers for the optimum nail health.


A simple way to keep your nails healthy and avoid breakage is to keep your hands and nails well moisturized, especially these days when many of us are going overboard with the hand sanitizer. Well-hydrated nail beds make for healthier nails that are flexible and bend, rather than dry and break. Make applying cuticle and hand cream a daily habit by keeping some by your bed side table and applying every evening before bed. You may even want to toss a travel size hand cream in your purse for moisturizing on the go.

Avoid Hot Water

If you regularly do the dishes, it’s important to wear gloves to protect your nails, or if you like to take hot baths, leave your hands outside of the tub. Constantly having your hands soaking in hot water can do a number on your skin and your nails. Hot water can weaken your nails, causing them to tear and break more easily, and excessive hot water can also dry out your skin and nails so if you do get your hands into hot water, it’s important to apply moisturizer after.

Don’t Pick

While it may be tempting to pick at that chipped mani or cracked nail, resist the urge! This is especially important with gel polish. Picking at your polish or nails is not only sometimes painful, but you can actually peel off a layer of your nail, damaging the nail bed, making it vulnerable to breakage. It’s crucial to remove gel polish correctly in the salon, or at home using the proper method. If you do find your nail beginning to break, it may help to gently file the cracked part away to prevent further breakage.

Keep them Short

This one may be obvious, but one of the best ways to prevent your nails from breaking is to keep them on the shorter side, especially if you’re busy with your hands in your day-to-day life. They don’t have to be so short it hurts, but ultra long nails have the tendency to snag, which may cause them to tear and break. It may help to also have a slightly rounded or oval shape as well to prevent any square corner from tearing.