Expert Tips for Doing a Manicure At Home That Doesn't Chip

We can’t think of anything better than having a fresh, flawless manicure, but it can be a real downer when it ultimately chips. While we, unfortunately, can’t make our manicures last forever, we can definitely make them last longer. And the good news is that you don’t need to go to the salon to have a long-lasting manicure. Here are some of our favorite tips for a DIY manicure that doesn’t chip. 


Skip the Soak
Whether you’re getting your nails done at the salon or at home, opt for a “dry manicure” and skip the soak. The purpose of the soak is to soften the cuticles however your nails will also absorb a lot of water during this step, causing them to soften and expand. Once the water fully evaporates, your nail contracts, making them more likely to chip. Instead, apply a cuticle cream to help soften your cuticles and push them back. 

Prep your Nails
A vital step that you shouldn’t skip is nail prep. Prepping your nails involves filing and buffing to create a smooth even surface for your polish to adhere to. Once your nails are prepped don’t forget to remove any excess oils by wiping a little alcohol or nail polish remover on your nail with a cotton pad. 


Don’t Skip the Base and Top Coat
The base and top coat are just as important as the polish itself. The base coat helps the colored polish to adhere to the nail while also protecting your natural nail from stains and the top coat seals everything in and gives your nail a high-shine finish. Don’t forget to swipe the free edge with the top coat to fully seal the nail and minimize the chance of potential chips. 


Apply Thin Coats
During your application, make sure to apply thin coats of polish. Thin coats not only dry faster, but it's easier to get a smooth, even application that is less likely to chip or peel. 


Opt for Dip Powder or Gel
While conventional polish tends to chip within a day or two, manicure options like dip powder can last 2 weeks or more virtually chip-free. The good news is that you don’t need to go to the salon for a flawless dip powder or gel manicure. 

With the SNS Dip Powder kits, you’ll receive everything you need for a complete DIY dip powder experience for salon-worthy nails right in the comfort of your own home. Check out our ultimate guide with SNS expert tips and tricks for a flawless DIY dip powder manicure

Or purchase your own UV lamp and opt for a gel manicure. Just brush on the gel polish and dry in the lamp in between coats. 


Wear Gloves
If you want your manicure to last, aftercare is essential and can make a huge difference in how well it holds up to everyday life. Whether you’re cleaning, doing the dishes, or gardening, protect your mani and reduce the chance of chips by wearing gloves. 


Reapply Top Coat
One of our favorite hacks to make your manicure last longer is by reapplying the top coat every 2-3 days. This will not only prevent peeling and chips but it will keep your manicure looking fresh and shiny as the day you originally did them.