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Nutri-Plus Bases & Sealers

SNS passionately believes that health and beauty are one. The company’s mission is to promote nail health while providing exquisite nail beauty.  At the heart of this mission is the careful selection of materials that directly contact the natural nail.  The goal of our formulations is to reduce the chemical load on the nail, by using natural ingredients wherever possible. This commitment is what propelled SNS to create SNS Nutri-Plus™, a total system of dip powders, bases and sealers to nourish and protect natural nail health. SNS Nutri-Plus™ delivers essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy nail bed.  They include: vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B5, vitamin D3, calcium and zinc. These powerful nutrients are added to every core component of the SNS dip powder system, including SNS dip powders, SNS bases & sealers and SNS Vitamin Oil.  The result is complete natural support for optimum nail health. At the same time, the Nutri-Plus™ formulations ensure the most beautiful look and strongest, longest-lasting finish.

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