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SenShine - EA Bond

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SNS Nails - Signature Nail Systems
  • Suggested for oilier nail beds when extra adhesion is required.
  • Senshine Bases and Sealers are specially formulated for sensitive users.
  • Proprietary Calcium and Vitamin enriched blend to care for nails.

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Oily nail bed?  Use EA Bond to improve adhesion.

Senshine EA Bond is recommended for oily nail beds to promote a tight seal and nourish the nail.

Promotes better adhesion so dip powder stays on longer.



Apply to the nail bed before starting Gel Base and dip powder process.

Can be used for Pink and White or Gelous Color mancures.



If Pre-Bonded products are being used E.A. Bond is optional.

How do I know if my client needs EA Bond?

If client complains of manicures "just popping off" and not lasting 2 weeks, the nail bed may have more oil than average.  EA Bond "dries" the nail to give it a longer wear time.

Moisturizing hand sanitizer might be the culprit so make sure neither the tech nor the client is using it if you are seeing adhesion challenges.

Use in combination with SNS Bases & Sealers and Natural Set and Natural Set Sheer powders.

  • Apply SNS Gelous Base.
  • Dip, sprinkle or spoon Natural Set powder over nail. Always dip at a 45 degree angle.
  • Tap to remove excess.
  • Repeat with Gelous Base application and Gelous Color Dip Powder application for 2 to 3 coats of color.
  • Apply a coat of Gelous Base and Natural Set Sheer Powder.
  • Apply Sealer Dry from left to right and clean brush.
  • Rinse and dry hands. NO SOAP.
  • Apply a thin fast layer of Gel Top from left to right. Clean brush and repeat.

SNS Dipping Powder Full Instructions

See our free library of full instructional videos at MySNSAcademy.

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