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SenShine Bases & Sealers (7 Bottle) Master Set - REFILLS - 2 fl oz ea

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SNS Nails - Signature Nail Systems
  • Senshine Bases and Sealers are long lasting but gentle on sensitive users in 2 fl. oz. REFILL sizes!
  • Includes: Gel Base, Gelous Base, Gel Top, Brush Saver, Sealer Dry, Vitamin Oil and EA Bond.
  • For use with SNS Gelous Color and Pink & White dip powder systems.

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When we think of dip powders, we naturally think of the powders themselves.  But for SNS, half the magic lies in the bases and sealers that make dip powders possible.  It was the revolution in bases and sealers that enabled SNS to create products that are good for the natural nail, instead of doing harm.  Now SNS is once again pushing the boundaries of nail health and beauty.  With SenShine,™ you have a complete system of bases and sealers exclusively designed for people with highly sensitive skin and eyes.  Of course, that’s good news for sensitive nail technicians, too.  The SenShine™ story is as simple as ABC... Even Healthier Ingredients, Even Less Odor, and Even Easier on the Skin & Eyes


  • Bases and Sealers for sensitive users in 2.0 fl. oz. REFILL sizes!
  • SNS Senshine Bases and Sealers are getler on the eyes and nose.
  • You'll appreciate the low odor and the easy on the senses formula. 
  • Use with our Gelous Color and Pink & White manicure dip powder system. 



  • Gel Base
  • Gelous Base
  • Gel Top
  • Vitamin Oil
  • Brush Saver
  • Sealer Dry
  • EA Bond
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