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Purple Nail Dip Powders

At SNS Nails, we have a fine range of purple dip nails to choose from. We have a growing collection of purple and purple-adjacent colors, helping you find the shade and tone you are looking for. From something nice and light – almost in a lilac color – to something deep and meaningful like violet, we have something to suit every kind of purple lover.

As the color of richness, creativity, aristocracy, and mystery, purple is a color that brings many questions to the table. As such, if you are looking for a color that helps to add seriousness to your look, you should consider using our fine range of purple nails to your advantage. 

When is a purple manicure right for you?

There are many times when going for purple dip nails would make a lot of sense. One of the most common times would be when you are setting out to go to an extremely formal event. Purple is a color associated with richness and regality, so it makes sense to include a dash of purple in your outfit. Even something as simple as our purple dip powder nails can provide you with what you want.

Purple is also a great color to go for when attending creative networking events. Creativity and purple go hand-in-hand, so it can be a good color to help combine with the rest of your look when attending such an event. A purple manicure can be a good choice, too, when you want to inspire. Purple is often seen as a very imaginative color, and it can be uplifting to others to see the color in person.

Though, a purple manicure is a great choice when you are looking for something to show off your classiness and style. It is color is wisdom and luxuriousness, too, so if you are looking to show off your more adult side, purple is a great color to consider. 

Nail Design Inspirations for Purple Dip Powder

There are many reasons why you might choose purple as your color of choice for nail coloring. Some of the most common reasons that you might decide to go down the route of using purple nails include, but are not limited to:

·       Creative Events. Given that purple is a color associated with creativity, it is a great color to add to wear to events like art exhibits and innovative events like writing conferences. It is a color that immediately works well within the context of the event itself. 

·       Magic Shows. Going to see something mystical and otherworldly? Then you will find that purple is a great color to go for. Purple is a color often associated with mystery and magic, so it can feel like a nice little colorful addition to your outfit for the show itself. 

·       Anti-Violence Awareness. A common reason that people wear pink today is to raise awareness for incidents such as domestic violence. Purple ribbons and purple nails are a common aesthetic touch for people looking to raise awareness for such topics as domestic violence. 

·       Royal Events. Attending an event to do with royalty? Then you might find that going for some violet dip nails is a great choice. Purple is a color associated with the aristocracy, so it can be the perfect choice of nail finish if you want to show up and look as regal as the royals. 

Purple dip powder: The color of royalty

As noted above, purple is a color associated with royalty and wealth. Purple is a very rare color to find in nature, and as we all know, in elite society, it is always important to stand out. As such, the rareness of purple made it something that many wish to hold onto as a means of showcasing their unicity compared to the rest of society. The cost of creating purple clothing and purple nails was so expensive that it was almost impossible for normal people to afford them. 

Purples are rarely found in nature, too, so it was always a hard color to recreate. Unlike other colors, which are more commonly found in nature, purple is often seen as a color that is hard to replicate. That scarcity makes it unique, and that unicity is usually only affordable in the hands of the rich.

That being said, purple is often associated with a sense of magic and mysticism today. Many magical and even occult groups have used purple as their primary representation color. Again, that unique and exotic rarity means that it was often associated with the rareness of magic itself. It is one of the most challenging colors to create. Thus, it can appear quite a polarizing color – hence why it is often associated with such controversial groups as magic and royalty.

Purple, though, can also be seen as a color that represents creative thinking and being more outside of the box. Again, that rarity pairs well with someone who can be creative and create something new. Rarity, creativity, and mystery are all part of what makes purple such an enticing color to look at. 

How did the color purple come to be?

Purple has always been associated with the most regal elements of our society. This goes as far back as the ancient Persian empires when the famous King Cyrus wore purple tunics as part of his royal regalia. 

The use of purple as a color can feel like a relatively new fad, but it extends far back into Ancient Roman history. In Ancient Rome, purple was often seen as a color worn by the richest and most powerful within the Empire itself. At the time, it was an extremely expensive color for people to wear because the creation of purple dyes involved the use of snails. Wearing purple outside of the very elite of Roman society could have been punishable by death!

This has long been the case, with many forms of purple being associated with the rich and the famous. For example, the Byzantines wore purple and signed all of their most important edicts using purple ink – a further display of their glorious opulence. The main reason why purple is so revered as a color for the rich, though, was because it was so rare. 

Classic Tyrian purple was created using marine snails collected en masse. They would be boiled in vats and then left in heat and light to transform their blueish tone into a vibrant purple. It would take as many as 250,000 mollusks to create a single ounce of purple dye – so it was an extremely rare color to have present. 

This remained one of the most common methods of creating purple dyes until the 1850s when William Henry Perkin created a concept that could help to develop purple dyes.

A young chemist, he intended to try and synthesize the creation of an essence known as quinine. A chemical found within cinchona trees, quinine was often used to treat illnesses such as malaria. After many failed experiments, he managed to dissolve his synthesized form of quinine in alcohol. The result? A stunning and rich purple liquid!

Not only did this make purple a color that was more accessible to the rank and file of society, but it ensured that thousands of snails were no longer boiled to death in vats to make a color for the rich and the famous. 

Purple Nails – the history 

The use of nail polish has a history going back to Ancient China, around 3,000 BC. However, using purple polish is much more challenging to work out. Given that until the 1850s, purple was still a very expensive color to refine and create, it would have been rare for anyone but the very elite to paint their nails in such a subtle color. 

Today, a common reason you might see people wearing purple nails is to help raise awareness for domestic violence charities. The non-profit group Safe Horizon played a major role in coming up with this plan. Given one in four women and one in seven men are victims of domestic violence, we must raise awareness about this troublesome part of society. 

Purple nails are just one way we can get the conversation started and have people take part in talking about this horrible issue. Today, purple nails are associated with raising awareness for domestic violence, just like pink is associated with breast cancer awareness. 

Purple nails are worn by everyone today, though, for all manner of reasons. For example, if you ever see a male wearing purple nail polish, it might be a sign that they are self-confident. Men who wear purple nails often do so to help show a sense of confidence in their relationship, too. In modern culture, many males also wear purple to help show they aren’t quite as emotionally reserved as previous generations. 

How is the color Purple created?

To make together the color purple, the easiest way to do so is to mix red and blue. Red and blue together will always give you some combination of purple; it simply depends on how much you use the former or the latter that will determine the final color that it appears as.

Typically, the best way to start is, to begin with red and then gradually add in some small quantities of blue. This should eventually create the color that you are looking for. The more blue that you add, the more purple-hued the color is going to become.