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Dip Top Coat - 0.34oz (DIY)

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SNS Nails - Signature Nail Systems
At Home DIY
  • Dip Top Coat is formulated to give your nails a brilliant, shiny finish.
  • Our Top Coat is infused with calcium and vitamins to support nail health.


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Dip Top Coat will give your dip powder manicure a shiny top and a durable finish.

Our Gel Top will dry quickly when used with our entire dip powder manicure system.


Helpful Hint:

2 fast, thin coats will give you best results.

Apply 2 fast coats of Dip Top Coat for a brilliantly shiny dip powder manicure.

Allow to dry fully.

See our complete instructions and helpful hints:

Dip Powder Nail Kit Application Guide

How to Apply Dip Powder At-Home Video Instructions

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