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Dip Activator - 0.34oz

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At Home DIY
  • Seals and protects dip powder manicures.
  • Hardens and dries layers for a durable finish.
  • Allows for light buffing and shaping of dipped nail.

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Dip Activator brings it all together.

Our Dip Activator hardens the dip powder layers and the Gel Top layers to a durable finish.



Apply 2 coats liberally after dip powder application and before Dip Top Coat.

Apply 2 fast coats of Dip Activator after creating 2 dip powder layers using Dip Base Coat and Dip Powder.

Rinse hands between first and second coat.

Use water only. NO SOAP.

Then apply Dip Top Coat.

See our complete instructions and helpful hints:

Dip Powder Nail Kit Application Guide

How to Apply Dip Powder At-Home Video Instructions

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