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OGL12 Ombre Glitter Nail Art

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  • SNS Ombre Glitter Nail Art comes in 12 epic colors to match your favorite outfit for that special occasion.
  • Sprinkle Glitter to create amazing ombre glitter nails.


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What happens when you combine the mega trend ombre look with the pizazz of glitter?  You get the blockbuster style of SNS Ombre Glitter Nail Art.

SNS Ombre Glitter Nail Art takes your nail tips to the moon and back.  12 enchanting glitters to sprinkle, spoon or dust on your nails for the easiest fashion statement ever. 

Use with SNS Bases and Sealers.

Apply Gelous Base and then sprinkle Ombre Glitter on the nail, sprinkle on favorite powder.  Repeat

For best results, apply Sealer Dry after each layer of glitter.  Allow to dry thoroughly before applying second later of glitter.

See the complete instructions and pro tips by clicking on the link below:


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