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DOLO Marble Top Coat

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SNS Nails - Signature Nail Systems
  • Create one of a kind works of art inspired by the timeless look of marble
  • Includes 12 inspiring colors plus Dolo Base and Dolo
  • Surprisingly easy to learn this modern nail art technique
  • Endless color combinations to give your clients infinite choices

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DOLO Marble Top is the final step to give your marble art nails deep,long-lasting shine.

Start with the Kit and pick up a few Tops so you are always ready to show your nail art skills in a flash.


Get the hottest new look in nail art.  Our Dolo Nail Kit includes everything you need to create the look of marble on your nails.  Our kit includes 12 must have colors to create an infinite number of marble nail looks.  Like the natural stone itself, marble nails are one of a kind and surprisingly easy to apply.  Our dolo kit also includes the base and the top coats for long lasting results.  

Try Dolo marbling over acrylic, dip powder or UV gel nails.  Our favorite way is of course the dip powder because of its incredible durability and huge color selection.

Apply Dolo Base.

Dot on two or three Dolo colors.

Allow to dry thoroughly.

Apply Dolo top coat.

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