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OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE: Healthy, Beautiful Nails

SNS was launched in 1990 with a passionate belief that health and beauty are one. Founder Joe Nguyen says:

When I started SNS over 30 years ago, I was a successful salon owner. I saw that my clients' nails were suffering harm, and so were my nail technicians. I decided to do something about it. That meant creating a completely different kind of nail product.

Today, SNS is the world leader in dip powders. We've helped millions of women enjoy stunning-looking nails while caring for the natural nail bed.

And we continue creating new ways to advance our mission of healthy, beautiful nails.

To SNS, Healthy Nails are Beautiful Nails

We want your clients' nails to become healthier and stronger every time you use our products. This is the purpose of our SNS Nutri-Plus™, a total system for optimum nail health that includes our powders, bases and sealers.

It's what we put in...

It's what we put in...

And what we keep out...

And what we keep out...

... and 18 other common toxins

Plus... Our products are non-allergenic and virtually odor-free.

Innovation is Our Middle Name

SNS earned its worldwide fame for innovations in dip powders. Today, we continue to launch exciting new product concepts, expanding nail professionals' creative and profit opportunities.

Check out our instant marbling product, DOLO™, which earned the "Best New Product" accolade from NailPro Magazine. Or Air Ombre™, for fast, beautiful ombre nail art.

And, beginning in January 2022, all new SNS Collections and dip-colors will feature SNS's newly enhanced antibacterial protection—proven to provide even better protection from harmful bacteria.

SNS is a future-focused Company. No matter what challenges the industry faces, we'll always be looking to enrich the lives of nail professionals and their clients.

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Your Business is Our Business

SNS was founded by a salon owner and we continue to make salons and nail professionals our top priority. Our products, tools and training are all designed with your success in mind.

We offer beautiful marketing tools to help you promote your SNS services. At the same time, we're building on consumer excitement about SNS with programs that engage consumers in the SNS brand while encouraging more visits to salons.

SNS Academy

We Lead the World in Training, Too

Great skills make for great careers. That's why SNS has taught thousands of nail professionals throughout the world. Our master trainers will lead you step-by-step through the SNS process, whether you learn in person or online. SNS trainings are thorough, detailed, and totally hands-on. We'll give you a whole new level of confidence in your skills to impress your clients and attract more business.

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