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Dip Powder Nail Kit - French Manicure

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At Home DIY
  • Kit includes everything you need to start creating beautiful French Dip Powder Nails.
  • Add to your collection and choose from our Top 100 Best-Selling colors sized just for you.

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New to Dip Powders?  New to SNS?

First time users can start with our kit that includes everything you need for your very first Dip Powder French Manicure.


The kit includes:

  • Classic White Powder - .5 oz
  • Soft Pink Powder - .5 oz
  • Foundation Powder - .5 oz
  • French Dip Mold - 5 ct.
  • Dip Base Coat - .34 fl oz
  • Dip Top Coat - .34 fl oz
  • Dip Activator - .34 fl oz
  • Brush Cleaner - .34 fl oz
  • Signature Serum - .34 fl oz
  • Nail Prep Pads - 5 ct.
  • Replacement Brushes - 2 ct.

and more...


Then select more dip powder from our Top 100 Colors and see how easy and beautiful long-lasting dip powder nails can be.

  • SNS was the first to create a Pink and White dipping system for professionals.
  • SNS dip powders are finer than any other brand.
  • Our dip powders are infused with Vitamins and Calcium to support a healthy nail bed.

Apply Dip Base Coat to create the Foundation Layer.

Apply Dip Base Coat and dip nail tip in French Manicure Mold to create a smile line then dip in Soft Pink Dip Powder.

Dust off lightly with Dust Brush.

Repeat the process for best results.

Then apply Dip Activator and Dip Top Coat.

See our complete instructions and helpful hints:

Dip Powder Nail Kit Application Guide

How to Do a French Dip Manicure At-Home Video Instructions

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