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Air Ombre Art Kit 411 (Cotton Candy)

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  • Create the easiest Cotton Candy nail art ever!
  • Includes pink, white, blue and lavender Air Ombre & GelStar Base and Top
  • UV light required.
  • UV light not included.

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Spark your creativity with our Air Ombre nail art kit. 

It comes in an easy air pump so it's fast and convenient.

Try your hand at the nail art's mega trend of light colors (white, pink, blue & lavender) that compliment each other easily.


Kit includes:

  • White, pink, blue and purple Air Ombre colors
  • GelStar base & top coat


Please note:

  • UV Lamp required
  • UV Lamp sold separately

We recommend first using SNS Gelous Base and SNS Natural Set to create a strong foundation.

Apply a layer of SNS Gelous Base.

Next, spray SNS Air Ombre onto the tip of the from right to left and left to right.

Sprinkle your favorite SNS Gelous Color on the rest of the nail to achieve the desired ombre effect.

Then, reverse the process: apply the Gelous Base, sprinkle powder and spray Air Ombre.

Follow with a layer of Gelous Base and SNS Natural Set Sheer.

Apply 2 layers of SNS Sealer Dry.

Buff to create a smooth nail surface.

Finish with SNS Gel Top.

Lastly, massage cuticles gently with SNS Vitamin Oil.

See our free library of full instructional videos at MySNSAcademy.

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