dolo marble nail art

In 2020 SNS DOLOTM was acclaimed the “Best New Product” by Nailpro, the industry’s top magazine for professionals. Three unique features captured the attention of Nailpro’s 60,000+ readers.

  1. DOLO creates one-of-a kind works of nail art in just seconds.
  2. Ten captivating DOLO colors make for almost infinite marbling combinations.
  3. DOLO is remarkably easy to learn and apply.

See the DOLO in action — Short video!

By now, DOLO has swept across the nail world and is used and loved by thousands of beauty pros. Still, some people new to this remarkable product ask: “What makes DOLO different from familiar alcohol-based marbling products?” Let’s take a moment to see…

As soon as you get your hands on DOLO, you realize you’re working with something quite different. The three-step marbling technique begins with a quick coat of DOLO Base. Then you select any of ten colors and lightly dab or swipe a few spots here and there on the nail. Finally, you seal the fabulous art you’ve created with the special DOLO top coat.


Here’s where the magic lies: the moment you lightly dab the colors, the marbling effect is created. This is radically different from conventional marbling applications that require a complicated brush technique. It’s all too easy to create ugly blotches instead of a true marble look. You might be spending several minutes on each nail — perhaps 15 minutes or more for the whole set. DOLO takes maximum about 5 seconds per nail! With just a little practice you can complete the entire set of nails in just a few short minutes. 

You might be wondering: how can a process so fast and effortless look as good at the end? The answer lies in the unique formula of the colors. The fact is, DOLO marbling looks better than all but the most skilled alcohol-based marble applications. That’s the brilliance of the DOLO invention. Just “dab” — and there’s your art! No wonder Nailpro’s readers were thrilled.



But there’s more…Conventional alcohol marbling has another limitation. It can normally only be applied to gel nails. DOLO can be applied to any kind of nail — dip powder, acrylic, or gel. Needless to say, that gives you way more flexibility and the opportunity to provide a stunning marbling experience to every client.

If you’re excited about creating nail art without special skills — and you want the best look in the shortest time — it’s clear there’s only one choice. Get DOLO from SNS… and enjoy endless marbling marvels!