SNS Launches NAPA VALLEY, the New Wine-inspired Collection of Dip Powder Colors.

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Orlando, Florida [September 10, 2021]  SNS, the world’s leading manufacturer of dip powder systems, is excited to introduce NAPA VALLEY, a new Collection of 32 colors inspired by California’s famed wine country.


With colors so delicious you can almost taste them, NAPA VALLEY reaches new heights in the pursuit of ultimate nail beauty. Launched for the autumn season, when heavy clusters of grapes are ripening, and Napa Valley teems with anticipation and excitement, this fabulous new SNS Collection captures the inimitable allure of the world’s finest wines.


As the slowly sun sets on rolling hills, California’s vineyards offer a harvest of rich, vibrant colors — the hues that inspired the creation of NAPA VALLEY. Deep reds, earth russets, lively greens, subtle grays… this new Collection features 32 completely original hues crafted by the “Color Geniuses” of the SNS design team.


SNS CEO Joe Nguyen said: “SNS is committed to the marriage of health and beauty. With NAPA VALLEY we’re proving once again that the healthiest dip powders in the world can also be the loveliest. We’re excited to share this color masterpiece with our valued distributors, nail and beauty professionals, and consumers.”


SNS (Signature Nail Systems) is a Florida-based manufacturer of healthy nail products that are distributed worldwide.  



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