SNS at Home: Our New “At Home” Service Product Line for the DIY Shopper

When you visit the SNS website today, you quickly discover it’s organized into two separate sections: one for DIY (at home) nail enthusiasts, and one for beauty professionals. People often ask us: “Why?” So let’s take a look at how the new site came about, and why everyone is getting a better, more tailored service as a result.


A Passion for Health

It all starts 30+ years ago, when salon owner Joe Nguyen launched SNS to give women healthy and beautiful nails. He created SNS to protect women from the harsh chemicals common in so many nail products. To this day, our goal is that after every SNS application, your nails should be healthier than they were before.

Not surprisingly, SNS has literally become the name for dip powders. When people walk into a salon asking for “SNS”, that’s what they mean. Beauty plus health! They want lovely nails without damaging the natural nail bed. Instead of acrylics, gels or polish, they enjoy our vitamin-enriched undercoat, a sprinkling of colored powder, and a top coat — for the lightest, most durable, flexible and above all beautiful nails possible.


Our Online Surprise

But what about the SNS website? A little while back, we started offering SNS nail products online. We expected them to be purchased by salons and other beauty pros, because those were always our customers. We never anticipated a huge wave of everyday people snatching them up! When that happened, we faced a challenge, because professional products are designed for professional use.

We had a choice to make. Should we close down our website, or should we find a way to serve our DIY enthusiasts? The decision was easy. If people want to experience SNS dip powders at home, they should be able to.


Just for DIY

So our technical staff and Color Genius team set to work on developing a whole new SNS product line for the DIY shopper. Here are the five criteria we set:

  1. Outstanding results — The opportunity to create healthy, beautiful nails at home
  2. Easy to use — A total system-in-a-box that anyone could learn
  3. Extra-gentle ingredients — Because some consumers have extra sensitive skin
  4. Smaller sizes — No one should be made to buy more than they need
  5. Attractive choices — Enough SNS products to offer variety, without being overwhelming

Lastly, we needed to provide a fabulous shopping experience. So we overhauled our website to create a beautiful arena just for our DIY enthusiasts. That way, you can find exactly what you want, without fuss or confusion, quickly and easily. There’s another plus in the new approach. With a separate area for our valued professionals, we can offer pros the products and choices that match their needs and expertise.

So whether you’re a DIY shopper looking to use SNS products at home, or a nail and beauty professional, there’s one thing you can always be sure of. When you visit, you’ll instantly feel at home!