Pink and White Manicures with Dip Powder

Get ready to revamp your manicure routine with dip powders available in an endless selection of fascinating textures and colors. As one of the biggest nail trends of 2021, these fine powders are long-lasting, quick-drying, and healthier for your natural nails. ‘Pink and whites’, which is the ever-popular French manicure look consisting of a pink nail base and white tips, are definitely achievable with SNS dip powders. As a matter of fact, SNS was the first to introduce pink and white dip powders nearly 30 years ago.

Nail the French Look

If you are keen on sporting the ultimate French tip, SNS has some of the finest quality French white and pink powders. The natural pink, dark pink, pink glitter, American, and French white powders take your nails up a notch.

They are available in two, four, and sixteen-ounce sizes and boast of:

  • Stunningly beautiful shades
  • Healthy mix of calcium and vitamins
  • Odorless application
  • Natural look with a brilliant finish

Pink and White Kits

Being a world leader in nail art, SNS offers pink and white dipping powder starter kits. These include all the ingredients you need for a dip manicure, including a combination of white, pink, and natural dipping powders. This kit is the perfect starter set even for colored dip manicures as it includes the natural set dip powder.

Other standard items the kit contains are:

  • French dip moulding
  • Gel top and base
  • Gelous base
  • Sealer Dry
  • Vitamin oil
  • Brush-on glue
  • Brush saver

Pink and White French Dip Nail Technique

Here is how to bring the two colors together to give your nails a stunning pink and white appeal. Use our Pink & White Dip Powder Tutorial Video as a guide.

Prep Nails

Begin by properly cleaning your hands and lightly etch top of nail with a buffer (optioal)

Apply Glue and Nail Tip

If you have short nails, securing nail extensions is possible by applying glue to the tips of your natural nail. After trimming the length of your artificial nails tips by cutting off the excess, file to desired shape and buff lightly.

Apply Gel Base

Once the nails are buffed, apply gel base to 3/4th of the nail. Dip first into natural set dip power, then tap to remove the excess powder. One at a time, dip each nail into the pink powder and immediately brush off the excess with very light strokes using a powder brush. Apply another coat of gel base to 4/5 of the nails readies them for the second layer of powder dipping and dusting to remove excess powder.

Final Touches

A thin top coat of SNS sealer dry protects your nails and the manicure. After it dries in about two minutes, file your nails to their desired shape. Buffing lightly over each nail helps smooth out the small bumps of extra thick layers of white and pink dip powders.

Next, rinse and dry hands (no soap) and apply a second layer of Sealer Dry.  Apply two thin layers of Gel Top and allow to dry completely – about 3 minutes. 

Massaging nourishing vitamin oil into the skin on the sides of your nails, fingertips and over the cuticle area completes the manicure treatment.

Inspiring Nail Transformations

Here are some inspiring ideas that transform your pink and white dip nails into works of art:

  • Dot your cuticles with rhinestones for a minimalistic yet attractive appeal
  • On each hand, highlight one nail using the SNS glitter dip powders
  • Add sparkling glitter to the tips of each nail such as French White Glitter
  • Combine dark and light pink powder hues for a shaded look like Dark Pink or Extra Dark Pink
  • Repeat a different look on alternate nails using rhinestones and glitter

Count on the exclusive SNS range of white and pink powder variations to create an impressive dip manicure that grabs attention and gets you ready for any occasion