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Spending a good chunk of your hard-earned money on a manicure in the salon, (or time spent, if you’re a DIYer) only to have it chipping or peeling within a couple of days is pretty upsetting. Of course a mani isn’t forever, but we all want our manis to last as long as possible. Here are some tips that will ensure your manicure can remain intact for much longer. 


Use High Quality, Nourishing Products

Nails that are weak and brittle tend to break and split more easily, which in turn can really ruin your manicure. Keep your nails at their optimal health and your manicure looking its best by using high quality products. SNS prides themselves on healthy nails and provides a non-toxic product line containing nourishing ingredients that will keep your nails hydrated, strong, and healthy. 


Reapply Top Coat Every 2-3 Days

Top coat plays an important role in your manicure, but it’s not always a one and done. A great hack to ensure your manicure always looks fresh is to reapply a chip-resistant top coat every couple of days. This will keep your nails shiny and reduce the chances of any chipping. 


Avoid Hot Water

If you find yourself regularly doing dishes, the constant contact with hot water will definitely take a toll on your mani, causing it to chip or peel. Make sure to wear gloves while you're doing the dishes to protect that beautiful manicure. The same goes for baths too. If you like your regular soak in the tub, remember to keep those hands out. 


Go For Nudes

Let’s be realistic. No matter how well you take care of your mani, your nails will grow out revealing new growth at the cuticle line. To make your regrowth less visible, opt for nudes or lighter shades that are more similar to your skin tone. This way, you’ll barely be able to notice when your nails begin to grow and you may even be able to extend your mani for at least another week.


Opt for Shorter Nails

While long nails can be beautiful and elegant, they’re also more likely to break or split. If you want to ensure your manicure stays in tip top shape with zero breakage, it may be better to opt for a shorter nail, especially for those with busy hands. 


Apply Cuticle Oil Daily

Keep your hands hydrated. Dry, cracked cuticles don’t look very nice, and you’re more likely to pick at them, wreaking havoc on your mani. To prevent this, apply cuticle oil daily along your cuticles and on the skin around your nails.


Fix Chips

Unfortunately, sometimes our mani chips. If it’s a small chip at the tip, you want to make sure it's not going to spread or provoke you to pick at it. To fix a chipped manicure, simply file your nail down, remove the chipped area and then apply a fresh layer of top coat. Most salons will perform a quick repair for $5-10.


Try a Dip Powder Mani

If you want a beautiful manicure that’s truly long lasting, dip powder manicures are a solid option. Try our At Home Dip Powder kits, or browse our Gelous Color professional dip powders that are used in salons. They require zero drying time which means no smudges and they’re resistant to chipping. When properly cared for, a dip powder mani can last over 2 weeks! This way you can spend less time worrying about those nails because they’ll always look good.