How a Nail Salon Addict Can Keep Their Nails Healthy

You know you’re a nail salon addict when you recognize the name of the nail polish your friends are wearing before they can tell you. Or you’re always on the hunt for new design ideas for your next look. We can relate!  When obsessed with all things nails, doing stuff outside the box comes easy to you.  From sexy glams to neutral nails and neon nails with art, you want to bring more charm to your routine without compromising on nail health.

Luckily, there are plenty of manageable ways you can take action to maintain nail and skin health.

Here we will list ten easy ways to keep your nails healthy and happy, just like you

Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil works as a natural hydrator for your nails and cuticles. Make it a regular practice to apply it to your nail beds to increase circulation and help stimulate new nail growth.  The oil can also help soothe damaged cuticles and soften the cuticle area.

Exfoliate Your Cuticles

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin from cuticles and makes nails healthier. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can do this in the shower.  Simply take a washcloth and use it in a circular motion to clean your cuticles.  It will soften the nail bed and get rid of the dead skin.

Use Healthier Nail Products

When selecting beauty products, use high-quality, health-focused products like SNS, which has nourishing vitamins and minerals to improve nail health.

As pioneers of innovative nail products made with gentle and healthy ingredients, our SenShine product line is made exclusively for people with sensitive eyes and skin.

With a personalized approach to nail care, SNS Dipping Powders are known for building the nail’s natural strength while protecting your skin from UV damage.

Ditch Bad Nail Habits

We know it's tough, but the journey to healthy nails involves getting rid of some bad habits. Say goodbye to clipping or picking your peeling skin. Minimize the use of nail clippers to ensure your nails get natural growth and shine.

The Magic of Nail Filing

Invest in a soft nail filer as it helps in making nails longer, softer, and smoother. Though a clipper seems easier to use and quicker, a nail filer can give you the same benefits with a little extra effort. The filing technique is essential.  Go for swift, gentle strokes in one direction as opposed to back-and-forth movements.

Switch to Safer Alternatives

Gel manicures are one of the most preferred treatments by salon addicts but require the use of a UV/LED light for curing.  You can minimize the exposure to your nails and skin by switching to safer alternatives.

The SNS Hybrid UV/LED light is equipped for extra safety and high performance. It uses an LG Hybrid LED with a protective shield, thanks to its smart design.  With a low heat function and fast recharge, it is perfect for safer gel manicures.

Indulge in an After-Salon Soak

We suggest going a step further after getting your gels and acrylics professionally removed. When you get home, take some warm water, and soak your hands to wash any chemicals off them. Then, heat some olive oil until it's lukewarm, and indulge yourself in a leisurely 15-minute soak. Wipe off the excess oil and massage the remainder to infuse moisture and nourishment.

Increase Your Biotin Intake

At the end of the day, whatever we consume impacts our nutrition, wellness and overall being. The same goes for nails. Having a biotin-rich diet can improve nail strength and thickness.  Food items like salmon, eggs, beans, lentils, and brown rice are high in biotin.  Biotin can help improve the condition of dry, brittle nails.

Drink More Water

This is probably the oldest tip in the book, and for a good reason.  Along with the numerous benefits that adequate water intake provides, detoxing skin and nails is one of the most important ones.

Take Breaks Periodically

Everyone needs a breather once in a while, so do your nails.  If you have a habit of going for back-to-back mani sessions, your nail beds will never get a chance to breathe. Take breaks from salon treatments for a few days.  This will promote natural nail growth and heal your nail beds.  It can also get a natural shine back to your nails if combined with a good diet.

The right brand, the safest products, and some essential at-home tips can give even the most passionate salon addicts the healthiest of nails.